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Impulse 6000D/7000DP

Fluke Biomedical defibrillator analyzers ensure proper operation and ultimate performance of critical life-support cardiac-resuscitation equipment, including mono- and bi-phasic defibrillators and AEDs. These best-in-class defibrillators offer test capabilities that encompass a global spectrum of established pulse shapes, feature breakthrough AED technology compatibility, and deliver superior performance with accuracy readings ± 1% of reading +0.1J.


The Impulse 7000DP model is a combination Defibrillator / Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer with an intuitive user interface, backlight, and easy-to-read display. This portable, rugged, easy-to-carry device features functionality that includes energy output measurement, ECG waves, and an extensive range of test loads and measurement algorithms needed to test external transcutaneous pacemakers. The Impulse 7000DP coupled with the Impulse 7010 Defibrillator Selectable Load Accessory enables end-users to select from multiple loads (25Ω – 200Ω) ensuring IEC 60601-2-4 compliance.

Impulse 6000D is a Defibrillator Analyzer with functionality that includes energy output measurement and ECG wave testing . Both Impulse 7000DP and 6000D feature 10 independent ECG outputs that provide 12 lead combinations for standardized clinical signals.

Ansur test automation may be purchased in order to standardize test procedures, capture waveforms and test results, and evolve with increasing requirements for electronic data storage.

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