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GE Solar 8000i ICU/CCU

Modular high-acuity patient monitoring



GE Solar 8000i Monitoring System

System is available in a variety of configurations which can be customized to the needs of the facility. Equipment is used, biomedical tested and warrantied for 6 months.

The Solar® 8000i bedside monitor provides robust monitoring parameters including core vital signs, advanced cardiac care and ventilation evaluation for the OR, ICU and NICU care areas. This modular, high-acuity patient monitor provides a comprehensive and flexible set of clinical measurements, which allows you to configure the parameters to match your patients’ needs. It can be adapted to multiple care environments, giving you the flexibility to deploy it across the hospital.

Neonatal Intensive Care environment

Neonatal management solutions feature the CRG® 24-hour, beat-to-beat trend package to help you efficiently evaluate bradycardia and apnea events, as well as dual-pulse oximetry, and transcutaneous monitoring for highly accurate, non-invasive O2 and CO2 readings.

For single-baby rooms, the Auto View on Alarm XM (AVOA) capability allows you to view virtually any baby’s data on any bedside monitor whenever an alarm is triggered. The Solar monitor’s AVOA XM alarm feature allows clinicians to remotely view alarms and other patient information on user-selected beds throughout the care unit without a dedicated central station. In addition, a vertical split-screen capability allows you to view two patients simultaneously.

CARESCAPE Patient Data Module and Transport Pro

When connected to the Solar monitor at the bedside, the CARESCAPE™ Patient Data Module collects all acquired patient data, including information from additional monitoring modules or equipment. When the patient is ready for transport, the CARESCAPE Patient Data Module — carrying the patient’s complete vital signs record — quickly snaps into the Transport Pro® monitoring device, and goes with the patient to the next care area. When reconnected to the network in the new location, the CARESCAPE Patient Data Module can automatically refresh the patient’s record with the data collected prior to and during transport, helping to eliminate critical data gaps.

Perioperative care environment

The GE SAM® module provides CO2, O2 and automatic identification of up to five anesthetic agents. As part of the Solar 8000i modular solution, SAM and Aspect Bispectral Index (BIS®) module data can be combined with the patient data from the CARESCAPE Patient Data Module to build a comprehensive picture of the patient in the OR. With all the vital signs coupled to critical anesthesia monitoring tools, the Solar 8000i helps you complete the Operating Room solution.

Critical Care Environment

Critical and emergency care requires clinical tools for complex cardiac assessment — tools such as GE EK-Pro™ multi-lead arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis and 12SL® 12-lead ECG. The Solar monitor provides exceptional cardiac care software, ventilation evaluation tools, as well as primary alarm and user interface settings geared to critical care. Seamless integration with the Solar 8000i bedside monitor allows the CARESCAPE Patient Data Module to help simplify high-acuity monitoring workflow.