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Southeastern Biomedical has announced a permanent expansion to the central Texas region

Sean Burbank

Southeastern Biomedical has announced a permanent expansion to the central Texas region. Sean Burbank, field service engineer, will be the first engineer and will be actively servicing Texas and the surrounding states on a permanent basis starting in January 2022.

Southeastern Biomedical Owner Greg Johnson explained how this decision came about.

“Our customer base has steadily increased in the south-central part of the United States. We now have enough demand to permanently locate calibration staff there to better meet customer needs.”

Southeastern provides on-site test equipment calibration services for all major test equipment manufacturers and are also an authorized Fluke Biomedical Service Center. This move will be a significant step in its strategic plan to further expand its test equipment calibration footprint. It will enable Southeastern to better meet customer needs and offer more scheduling flexibility to existing and new customers in this area.

“We are excited to have Sean servicing this area,” concluded Johnson. “His previous hospital in-house biomed background coupled with his field service experience working for Medtronic has given him a unique perspective. This perspective has become a tremendous asset to the customers he now serves as a test equipment calibration field service engineer. He proudly and accurately represents our company motto: “Biomeds helping Biomeds” ™. We are very fortunate to have Sean leading this expansion.”

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