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Prosim 2 and 3

Don’t need a comprehensive patient monitor tester? The ProSim 3 and 2 Vital Signs Simulators are the clear choice for biomedical engineering and field service technicians that need a quality feature rich device with high portability.


What makes the ProSim 3 and 2 the best choice for testing in the field?

  • Light weight and equipped with enough battery life to last a full work day
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Simple user interface and stay connected ECG posts
  • Streamlined cable requirements with updated DIN connectors that ensure ProSim family consistency
  • Easily pairs with SPOT Light and other devices for comprehensive testing.

Key Features:

  • Portable patient simulator for evaluating the performance of patient monitors
  • 20% lighter and 25% smaller than predicate devices
  • Just-right feature set includes ECG, pacemaker, arrhythmia and performance testing, respiration, invasive blood pressure, temperature, cardiac output (ProSim 3 only), fetal/maternal (ProSim 3 only)
  • 43 high-quality ProSim 8 waveforms
  • With four IBP channels, ProSim 3 can test even the highest acuity scenarios
  • Improved hardware includes stay-connected ECG posts and upgraded DIN connectors
  • Simplified user interface with four button navigation
  • Field upgradeable, and easily paired with other devices for comprehensive testing