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The ESA615 brings fast and simple automated testing in the form of a portable analyzer to healthcare technology management professionals that perform electrical safety testing on medical equipment both in the field and in facilities.  Whether it is simple testing or comprehensive analysis, the ESA615 can do it all. This multifaceted device performs all primary electrical safety tests, including line (mains) voltage, ground wire (protective earth) resistance, insulation resistance, device current, and lead (patient) leakage tests.  It also offers ECG simulation and point–to-point voltage, leakage, and resistance tests. Versatile to any global electrical safety standards of choice, the ESA615 can test to ANSI/AMI ES-1, NFPA-99, IEC62353, VDE751, IEC60601-1 (2nd and 3rd editions) and AN/NZS 355 standards.  The ESA615 is an all-in-one solution with a multimeter, safety analyzer and ECG simulator in a single test instrument.


Automated: Pre-set templates allow you to test to the global standard of your choices at the push of a button.  Let the unit guide you through the test steps quickly and accurately in three simple steps:

  1. Select the test sequence corresponding to your standard of choice
  2. Initiate the automated test sequence.
  3. Store the results on-board or wirelessly export to your PC in seconds.
    It is that easy.  The automated test sequences are easily customized to suit individual testing requirements.

Portable: The ESA615 is a small, lightweight analyzer complete with an integrated handle to make transportation from place to place simple for on-the-go field service professionals. It is designed for operation in tight spaces, and can easily fit on any cart.  A light, protective carrying case makes it easy to store and transport safely.

Simple:  A push-button interface allows quick access to highly-comprehensive functions and features, and an intuitive interface guides the user through tests.  The ESA615 features a large display for clear indication of available functions, set-up criteria, device under test receptacle conditions, and test results. Data can be entered quickly with a plug–and-play keyboard, barcode scanner and/or on-board data entry interface. Data archival is fast and simple with wireless communication or through a removable memory card with capacity for up to 100 automated test sequences and 1000 test results.

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