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Enthermics EC340L

This Enthermics EC340L warming cabinet is designed to safely store and warm either irrigation fluids or injection fluids.



This Enthermics EC340L warming cabinet is designed to safely store and warm either irrigation fluids or injection fluids.

The single-chambered warming cabinet is constructed with 20 gauge stainless steel exterior casing and door with handle and hinges designed to withstand heavy usage. A door with window and interior lighting allow observation of inventory with the door closed, and convenient illumination when the door is opened. The cabinet is warmed using a patented, low-heat-density electrothermal cable array. The electrothermal cable is positioned in the floor and two sides of the warming cabinet, providing even heating of the interior chamber. The interior chamber temperature is regulated by an electronic control. A fan located inside the chamber mixes the air to prevent temperature stratification and to ensure an accurate chamber temperature within +3°F (+1.6°C) of the set-point.

The electronic control consists of a 4 digit L.E.D. display, ON/OFF key, INCREASE and DECREASE keys, integrated LOCK feature and a series of prompt sequence indicators. The warming cabinet can be programmed to warm either irrigation fluids (IRR) or injection fluids (INJ), with separate temperature ranges provided depending on the choice selected. IRR temperature may be adjusted from 90° to 150°F (32° to 66°C), and the INJ temperature can be adjusted from 90° to 110°F (32° to 43°C). An alarm will sound if temperatures exceed 10°F (6°C) over the set-point temperature, and a TEMP indicator light will blink indicating an over-temperature condition. A warming shut-off system, separate from the electronic control, prevents overheating. The electronic control can easily be set to operate in Fahrenheit or Celsius. After a power failure, the cabinet will remember its programming and begin to operate as before. The power indicator light will blink to indicate a failure occurred; pressing the power button once will eliminate this blinking.

The warming cabinet is equipped with two (2) white, epoxy-coated wire baskets, each with a 10 liter capacity to accommodate fluids packaged in bags or bottles, each mounted on slides. The cabinet is furnished with a full perimeter stainless-steel bumper for exterior protection, and one (1) set of 5″ (127mm) heavy-duty casters, two with locking brake.


  • 20 Liter capacity
  • Glass door
  • Interior illumination
  • Two (2) selectable operating modes: ‘INJECTION’ or ‘IRRIGATION’
  • Two (2) automatically selected warming ranges:
    • 90-110° F adjustable for ‘INJ’ mode
    • 90-150° F adjustable for ‘IRR’ mode
  • +/- 3° F Temperature set-point accuracy
  • Deluxe electronic control, special for fluid warming
  • Temperature set-point ‘lock’
  • Over-temperature (10° F) indicator (visual/audible)
  • Heavy-duty construction and hardware
  • Two (2) plastic-coated wire-basket drawers
  • Perimeter bumper
  • 5″ heavy-duty casters for mobility
  • Full Wall Warming technology

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