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Tuttnauer Autoclave Indicators WTL198-0056

Autoclave Indicators: Control of steam sterilization processes

With increasing demands for faster sterile instruments turnaround in healthcare facilities, sterilization results need to be available as soon as possible to reliably verify the sterility of the load.


  • Self-contained biological indicator for steam sterilization processes
  • Applicable Regulation ISO 11138-1:2006 and ISO 11138-3:2006; IRAM 37102-1:1999 and IRAM 37102-3:1999
  • Initial Color Purple
  • Final Color Purple (pass), Yellow (fail, resulted positive growth)
  • Exposure Conditions 121 ºC – 135 ºC (vacuum-assisted or gravity air – displacement process)
  • Size Tube (H x Ø) 45.2 x 8.5 mm, Cap (H x Ø) 13.0 x 10.6 mm