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Tool Kits

Designed by Biomeds for Biomeds

Custom designed to accommodate a variety of Fluke Biomedical test devices for the technician on the go.

This kit has been designed specifically for the Biomed. Where most kits have been adapted from the industrial market, this kit was developed using the input of Biomedical departments and field engineers across the country. It features quality tools that are both durable and functional for the specific needs of the Biomed. The tool pallet is designed for easy cleaning and disinfection of the neoprene rubber surfaces. The pockets are expanded and fit a wide variety of test devices and particularly, Fluke Biomedical Devices. In this one kit you can carry a safety analyzer, Multifunctional simulator, SPo2 simulator, Multimeter and laptop or tablet. Tool kit may be purchased separately or with a compliment of test equipment to meet your needs.