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GE Dash 5000 Physiological Monitor

Portable bedside monitoring for multiple care areas



Benefits of Dash 5000

  • Advanced clinical parameters including 12SL* for simultaneous ECG monitoring, GE EK-Pro* for multi-lead arrhythmia analysis, ICG, mainstream and sidestream CO2 and GE DINAMAP* NIBP with SuperSTAT*
  • Networking options include wired and wireless
  • Up to 7 waveforms and up to 4 invasive pressures
  • High resolution CRG trends for NICU monitoring.

Full-featured bedside monitoring

The Dash 5000 is a wireless, modular monitor with a full range of exceptional clinical parameters. It is flexible enough to handle varying acuity levels across the care continuum so caregivers can adapt to each patient’s monitoring needs.

Dash monitors are highly configurable, enabling you to add features and parameters accommodating varying acuity levels for patients across the care continuum. From presentation in the Emergency Department to surgery in the OR to recovery in the PACU, treatment in the ICU and transfer to the Stepdown unit, the Dash monitor is an excellent choice for every point of care.

Dash monitors are intra-hospital transportable with optional batteries that last up to five hours and can be swapped out without interruption. This mobile flexibility, plus a built-in wireless option, enables you to monitor ambulatory patients or transform any bed into a monitored bed. Dash monitors provide a continuous stream of patient data, enabling a personalized information workflow that supports quality care decisions.

Using 802.11b technology, Dash monitors are designed for integration into commonly utilized existing wireless networks, helping youleverage your investment in your current IT infrastructure.

Dash monitors revolutionize patient care and assessment by combining the most complete selection of gold standard patient monitoring parameters with leading-edge cardiac technology.

Innovative parameter technology

  • GE EK-Pro four lead arrhythmia analysis: The GE EK-Pro* clinical algorithm provides advanced atrial fibrillation detection and alarming. Early and accurate identification of AFib may help prevent this arrhythmia from becoming chronic.
  • GE 12SL simultaneous 12 lead ECG detection: The 12SL* algorithm provides improved P-wave detection, age and gender-specific interpretation and 12 lead buffer (if MUSE* is offline, up to 12 ECGs are stored).
  • GE DINAMAP* SuperSTAT* blood pressure algorithm: The innovative GE DINAMAP SuperSTAT algorithm supports speed, comfort and artifact rejection for virtually all types of patients, including neonates with very low perfusion pressures, geriatrics and hyper/hypo tensive patients.

The promise of flexibility

In healthcare, every patient’s situation is unique. To deliver personalized,
quality care, you require information that is relevant and specific to
each individual. You can adapt to each patient’s monitoring needs in virtually every highacuity situation. Versatile, modular and portable, Dash monitors address Clinical Information Logistics* by helping enable you to put the right monitoring solution in the right place at the right time. Dash monitors provide excellent clinical intelligence—when you need it—to help you make informed care decisions.

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