Fetal Doppler L250

Hand-held Doppler from Summit

The LifeDop 250 features a display, hand-held Doppler with superior sound quality, extended battery life, enhanced probe sensitivity, interchangeable probes and a one-year full warranty. The large, informative display shows battery life, signal quality and extended 50 to 220 bpm heart rate.

Probe Choices: All probes are interchangeable.

Obstetrical Probes

SD2 – 2MHz Probe:

The 2 MHz obstetrical probe is optimized for deep penetration and third trimester pregnancy.

SD3 – 3MHz Probe :

fetal dop L250The 3 MHz obstetrical probe is optimized for early fetal heart detection and designed for use during the entire pregnancy (It is the best general purpose obstetrical probe).

SDE – EchoHeart Transvaginal 5MHz Probe:

The EchoHeart 5 MHz transvaginal obstetrical probe is optimized for earlier fetal heart detection and ideal for retroverted and obese patients. It is used when transvaginal imaging is too costly or inconvenient.

SDW – 2MHz Waterproof Probe:

The 2 MHz Waterproof probe is for obstetrical use in water applications, and in the labor and delivery department where the probe needs to be waterproof.

Fetal Doppler L250 brochure
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