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Aaron Smoke Shark II Evacuator

Effective smoke & particle removal


  • A modern, light-weight, compact design allowing for simplified use, storage and stack-ability
  • Never again order the Smoke Shark and still need to order a filter upon receipt, the SE02 is packaged with both the SF35 Extended-Life Filter and FSSEP Pneumatic Footswitch.
  • The SF35 Extended-Life Filter offers up to 35 hours of performance reducing procedure cost by 38%(+/-) from the previous model, when used at the lowest setting.
  • Covered 3-port filter design accommodates a variety of tubing sizes [1/4″(6.4mm), 3/8″(9.5mm), and 7/8″(22mm)] providing versatility in procedure and accessory setup
  • The ultra-quiet design offers the same excellent performance with less noise
  • The SE02 Smoke Shark Smoke Evacuator is -3 and RoHS compliant

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