Writer Assembly Tips from Greg Smith of Southeastern Biomedical Associates


Greg Smith

Today, we would like to highlight some tips from Greg Smith of Southeastern Biomedical Associates. Greg is an experienced CBET on the Southeastern Biomedical team and was kind enough to share a few tips concerning writer assembly on a GE case stress system. The team at Southeastern Biomedical is always eager to help out by sharing their knowledge and expertise so I cannot thank them enough for taking the time to share their expertise!

Writer Assembly Tips For Your GE Case Stress System

Having issues with the writer assembly on your GE case stress system? One tech support call we get routinely is regarding paper not tracking correctly. To correct paper tracking or queueing problems, a great place to start is by replacing the Mylar spacer #2015763-001 that can be purchased for around $100.00. This part is simply a clear ultra-low friction strip that adheres to the flat surface underneath the roller (Where the queue sensor is located) and allows for free movement of the paper as it passes through the roller and print head assembly. Over time the surface breaks down due to normal wear and paper residue buildup initiating uneven pressure that will cause the paper to pull to one side. This simple fix has the potential to save you and your department valuable time and money with this quick and simple tech tip.