Southeastern Biomedical Associates Earns ISO 9001:2015

Southeastern Biomedical Associates earned ISO 9001:2015, applicable to sales, service and calibration of medical and analytical test devices, after a review by ABS Quality Evaluations.

Southeastern Biomedical Associates achieved this milestone in November 2016.

“Our goal in obtaining our ISO certification was to further ensure that we continue to provide superior customer service, on-time delivery, and verified order accuracy and to prove that we are committed to continuously improving our company through our quality management system to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements,” Southeastern Biomedical Associates Inc. co-founder Boyd S. Campbell, CBET, CRES, said. “We are proud to have all segments of our company including sales, service, and calibration of medical as well analytical test devices certified.”

“Obtaining our ISO certification was very important to us for a number of reasons,” Southeastern Biomedical Associates Inc. co-founder Greg Johnson, CBET, CHFM, added. “It has enabled us to consistently provide unsurpassed quality, service and value to our customers.  The process also supports our commitment to continuously improve the products and services we offer.”

Southeastern Biomedical is an independent sales and service organization. In addition to new and refurbished product sales, a variety of PM, parts and repair services are available as well as onsite and depot calibration services for biomedical test equipment.