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Current Promotions

The following promotions expire December 15, 2020.

BMS Sidekick Promo

Every Hero Needs a Sidekick!

Enhance the powers of your product with a valuable accessory and SAVE 10% on the following bundles:

  • Impulse 7000DP + 7010 Load Box
  • ProSim 8 + SPOT
  • ProSim 4 + SPOTLight
  • INCU II+ Heater Assy bundle

RaySafe X2 R/F Promo

Ready to Expand Your Options?

Buy the RaySafe X2 R/F for the price of the RaySafe X2 Solo R/F.

Start today with the X2 R/F Sensor — Grow into other modalities!

Applies to RaySafe X2 R/F, mAs and RaySafe X2 R/F

RaySafe 452 Survey Meter Trade-in Promo

You can save up to 15% when trading in an old survey meter – from any manufacturer – for a RaySafe 452 Radiation Survey Meter.

  • Just turn on the instrument and it is ready to measure.
  • The meter does not require any corrections or manual settings, and all measurement data is stored automatically.
  • The included PC software, RaySafe View, provides easy data transfer for further analysis and data storage.

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