VT Plus HF

Gas-Flow Analyzer

The VT PLUS HF is Fluke Biomedical’s premier general-purpose gas-flow analyzer. In addition, special display modes and bi-directional flow make it perfect for fully and efficiently testing both conventional mechanical ventilators and high-frequency ventilators. EC.6.20 now requires 100 % completion of scheduled life-support device preventive maintenance every year, and VT PLUS HF can help meet those requirements. Multiple special-function tests makeVT-PLUS-HF troubleshooting quick and efficient.

VT PLUS HF has the capability to measure either high- or low-flow and pressure, replacing the need for gauges and flow meters. It measures 21 ventilator parameters and can display all of them on one screen. Results can be printed directly from the unit or from a PC with included Windows-compatible software. VT PLUS HF also has onboard graphing capability and shows the minimum, maximum, average, and absolute measurement for all parameters.

Learning to use the VT PLUS HF is simple. Technicians control the unit using the VT PLUS HF user-friendly command system, or, if they’re familiar with the RT-200, they can switch to a special control mode that uses RT-200-style commands.

VT PLUS HF can be operated with a variety of precision simulation lungs to ensure that ventilators are tested to manufacturers’ specifications and clinical expectations with a fully NIST-traceable testing system.

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