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TNT12000The TNT 12000 X-Ray Test Tools system is the newest and most comprehensive family of instruments available for assuring quality and safety of diagnostic x-ray imaging systems. With selection of all-in-one-exposure solid-state detector, dosimeter, ion chambers, optional mA/mAs invasive shunt or non-invasive clamp device, and choice of handheld display or laptop interface (both completely wireless), the TNT 12000 X-Ray Test Tools provide state-of-the-art solutions for any x-ray safety and analysis test protocol. A long battery life ensures uninterrupted operation all day.

The 12000WD solid-state detector sets up in seconds and measures kVp, radiation dose, dose rate, time, and half value layer (HVL) in a single exposure. The companion TNT 12000 DoseMate dosimeter and ion chambers provide precision dose and dose-rate measurement of radiographic, dental, fluoroscopic, and CT imaging systems. The wireless ZigBee® interface allows for quick testing and reporting, and at less than 1 mW power is preferred over Bluetooth® in medical settings where interference with delicate patient monitoring and treatment equipment may be a concern.

TNT 12000WD Wireless Detector

Featuring all-in-one-exposure measurements and ZigBee wireless communication combined with the rugged, reliable, and accurate design that is a Fluke trademark, the TNT 12000WD is a new breed of non-invasive x-ray test tool. Its compact design enhances portability and wireless operation ensures setup in seconds.

Because the TNT 12000WD measures all parameters with every exposure, there is no need for complicated menu selection, further enhancing user productivity. TNT 12000WD always defaults to the last use when powered on, so when used often for repetitive procedures it is truly a one-button (power on) solution. TNT 12000WD has the expanded functionality needed for modern applications and can be managed with minimum keystrokes. Users can identify and select custom measurement protocols and save them for future use. Full test automation and documentation software is available for TNT 12000WD, creating the advantage of accurate, repeatable testing processes.

TNT 12000 DoseMate dosimeter

The TNT 12000 DoseMate with ion-chambers provides the precision dose measurements needed for absolute dose measurement integrity. Offering customizable measurement protocols, the DoseMate dosimeter provides comprehensive, repeatable testing for radiographic, dental, fluoroscopic, and CT imaging systems in just a few keystrokes. The TNT 12000 DoseMate is compatible with existing Triad and NERO external ion chambers, offering the newest dosimeter technology with minimum investment.

mA/mAs measurement

Integrated mA/mAs measurement capability is available with both the TNT 12000WD and the TNT 12000 DoseMate. A mA/mAs-standard invasive shunt or optional non-invasive clamp device are available to meet the challenges of mAs measurement with all types of x-ray systems. ZigBee wireless interface delivers measured results to the user’s choice of handheld display or laptop, integrating all QA measurements on a single readout.

TNT 12000D Wireless Display

The TNT 12000D Wireless Display has been specifically designed with user productivity in mind and displays all measured results, as well as identification information, battery level, calibration date and more. ZigBee wireless interface from the test device offers targeted communication to the mating display for speedy results reading up to 100 feet from the test device. Wireless communication and intelligent device interface allows the user to perform multiple exposures without leaving the radiation-shielded area, thus allowing complete test protocols to be performed with minimum travel between operator and test device. Low power requirements for ZigBee interface allow for extensive battery life as compared to Bluetooth test devices, which require frequent recharging from inefficient power drain.

Ansur Test Automation Software

Test automation software allows preventative maintenance routines to be tightly controlled and consistently reported while directing users through prescribed test protocols with simple and efficient instruction. Test standardization minimizes human error and alleviates training requirements with step-by-step instruction. Photos, drawings and instructional visual aids included in test protocols negate the need to carry bulky service manuals for complicated PM procedures. Professional electronic reporting and database/CMMS interface allows for total PM and service data management.


  • Choice of all-in-one detector, dosimeter, integral ma/mAs and handheld display or user’s own laptop interface.
  • 100 % ZigBee wireless operation
  • Compact handheld design
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Displays all values in one shot (all-in-one detector)
  • Simple user interface
  • Unbeatable ruggedness for long-term reliability
  • 40 kHz kV sampling rate to ensure accuracy with the most difficult applications (TNT 12000WD)
  • Global support network delivering prompt service and peace of mind to Fluke Biomedical customers worldwide
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