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Unfors RaySafe offšers a wide range of solutions for personal dosimetry and quality assurance and service of diagnostic X-ray.

Meet the familyThe RaySafe Xi is a complete system for multiparameter measurements on all X-ray modalities. It simultaneously measures everything from kVp and dose to HVL and waveforms. It is preferred by leading experts from all over the world. Invest just a few seconds of your life in RaySafe Xi, and it may completely change it. At least in the way you measure on X-ray equipment.

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 RaySafe Xi

The base unit is the heart of the RaySafe Xi system. Simply connect any of the detectors and you’ll be up and running in no time. The three row back-lit alphanumerical display clearly presents all measured parameters. All functions are accessed by pressing one of the two buttons on the RaySafe Xi.

The RaySafe Xi supports both RS-232/USB and the optional Bluetooth data communication protocols. The RaySafe Xi view software provided is used to record measured data, waveforms and test results in Excel™ as well as controlling the instrument using the new bi-directional serial interface.

There are two versions of the RaySafe Xi base unit – one with and one without mAs capabilities. Both are fully compatible and interchangeable with all RaySafe Xi detectors.


The Value of RaySafe Xi

Whether you start with a base unit and one detector, or a Prestige Kit for all modalities, the RaySafe Xi makes it easy for you to grow your system over time or as your needs change. Additional detectors and options can be added at any time to enhance the capabilities of your system. This makes the RaySafe Xi a smart investment now, and for the future.

A good tool should simplify your life, not complicate it. The RaySafe Xi goes from set up to results in under a minute. With its intuitive user interface and two key operation, it is easy to learn and master. RaySafe Xi view software shows waveforms and easily exports data to Excel for reporting. Because we understand that you want to focus on interpreting the measured data instead of worrying about how to obtain it.

QA instrumentation needs to withstand life on the road – and its inevitable bumps. The RaySafe Xi is prepared for the most demanding applications. From its durable case with its custom foam insert to hold detectors and accessories, to the robust design of the base unit and solid state detectors, the RaySafe Xi can easily manage the unavoidable drops and mishaps.

In 2011, the RaySafe Xi became the most widely-used Diagnostic X-ray quality assurance tool in the world. Leading manufacturers of X-ray equipment around the world have standardized on the RaySafe Xi from their R&D, to their factory to their field service technicians. The majority of diagnostic physicists and government inspectors also use the RaySafe Xi in their daily work. This makes any needed measurement comparison between biomedical engineers, physicists, inspectors and field service engineers simple and consistent.

The RaySafe Xi solid state technology offers many benefits, including durability, a smaller footprint, and enhanced sensitivity. But did you know that our proprietary solution also provides increased accuracy? All RaySafe Xi detectors use multiple sensors and have our “Active Compensation” system. This provides a flat energy dependence, not only for radiography and fluoroscopy but also in the mammography range. It also gives our users the ability to measure multiple parameters all in one instrument including HVL – on the fly.

At your service
Keeping your instrument performing and looking like new is easy with our annual service program and extended warranty. Simply send in your instrument annually for calibration and we will extend the full warranty for another year for up to 5 years. Your annual service includes the most comprehensive calibration in the industry, firmware updates, and free replacement of any damaged or unsightly parts in your instrument and in your case. Our service customers benefit from a faster turnaround time and an ISO 17025-certified calibration facility using NIST/PTB calibration standards. Because your reputation and the quality of your service depends on a well-calibrated and maintained instrument.


RaySafe Xi R/F Detector From the lowest to the highest without corrections.

RaySafe Xi MAM Detector Direct HVL measurements on all mammographic beam qualities

RaySafe Xi CT Detector CT dose made easy

RaySafe Xi Transparent Detector  Virtually transparent to X-rays

RaySafe Xi Survey Detector Small and precise solution for survey measurements.

RaySafe Xi Light Detector High precision and convenience for testing medical monitors and more

RaySafe Xi mAs Detector Invasive measurement of tube current.

   RaySafe Xi mAs Detector

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