IDA 4 Plus

Multi-Channel Infusion Device Analyzer

Fluke IDA 4 PlusIDA 4 Plus Infusion Device Analyzer is your solution to concerns about infusion pump preventive maintenance and repair. This digital infusion pump tester uses fundamental measurement technology integrated with sophisticated electronics to ensure accuracy and reduce risk of human error during infusion pump testing. The IDA 4 Plus infusion pump analyzer maximizes productivity by testing up to four infusion pumps or channels at once, allowing you to move on to other tasks while letting the IDA 4 Plus takes care of infusion pump testing and documentation.

The IDA 4 Plus Infusion Device Analyzer tests virtually any brand of infusion pump including Alaris® (Carefusion), Hospira, Baxter, Abbott, Sigma and many others. The IDA 4 Plus infusion pump tester is compatible with a wide array of infusion pumps including syringe pumps, volumetric pumps and anesthesia pumps. The infusion device tester measures instantaneous flow, average flow, occlusion pressure, and analyzes patient-control analgesia (PCA) units. An optional PCA trigger box provides automated PCA pump control, allowing technicians to set up tests and walk away. An autostart feature simplifies syringe pump testing or other tests that have long startup times.

With built-in memory, the IDA 4 Plus infusion device tester records infusion pump test results internally and provides easy-to-read test-result graphs live right on the analyzer’s screen. The display is so large numbers can be read from across the room. Additionally, the IDA 4 Plus infusion pump analyzer comes with Hydrograph PC software for creating full-color graphs and reports. For automated infusion pump testing, the IDA 4 Plus is compatible with Fluke Biomedical’s medTester 5000C (US only).

The IDA 4 Plus Infusion Device Analyzer comes in 1-2-3- or 4-channel configurations. This allows the option of adding up to three channels to your infusion pump analyzer at a later time to meet the evolving needs of your work group.

Test any parameter you need with confidence with the world’s most trusted infusion pump tester.

  • Tests up to four infusion pumps simultaneously
  • Compatible with virtually any type of infusion device
  • Instantaneous and average flow measurement
  • Occlusion pressure measurements to 45 psi
  • Single- and dual-flow (piggyback) testing
  • Full PCA testing (bolus volume, lockout time, and automated external triggering)
  • Autostart mode enables unit to begin testing only when fluid is detected
  • Live graphical view for real real-time pump malfunction/problem alerts or analysis
  • Built-in memory to save test results for printing or downloading to computer
  • Hydrograph results-reporting software to display, store and recall results via PC
  • Automated testing through Fluke Biomedical medTester 5000C (US only) and IDA 4 Ansur Plug-In
  • Ability to add up to three channels for multiple, simultaneous infusion pump testing
  • Ability to create trumpet curves and test up to 12 channels simultaneously with the IDA 4 Ansur Plug-In

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