GE Solar 8000M ICU/CCU

The monitor for every critical care need

Solar 8000m Monitoring Systems and individual components available & IN STOCK

Used, biomedical tested, 6 month warranty

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Tram Rac 4A & Tram 451N & Solar 8000M CPU (7)2030126-002 MOLVL150-05 Display for Solar - TOUCHSCREEN 15 in (4)

2026967-002 Solar Keypad OR 008Name the department and the need,the Solar 8000m sets the standard for exceptional critical care:

• Comprehensive software selection includes information management solutions for core vital signs, adv
anced cardiac care, ventilation evaluation, as well as OR and NICU care.

• Choice of non-proprietary digital, analog or flat-panel touchscreen displays help you easily configure the solution to the need.

• Vertical split-screen capability allows you to view two patients simultaneously without any loss of information on screen.

• Care-unit-specific remote controls provide easy one-button access to commonly used functions.

• Web-based training helps users learn the system at their space, without waiting for formalized sessions to be scheduled.

• With connection to the mission-critical network and Centricity systems,patient data can be automatically charted to create a more comprehensive patient record.

This unit is in used/tested condition, 6 month warranty

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