GE Solar 8000 ICU/CCU

GE Marquette Solar 8000 Critical Care Monitoring system

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GE Solar 8000 monitoring system is available in a variety of configurations as a complete system with patient cables or as individual components. Patient ready accessories are also available

  • Solar 8000 Processing unit


  • Tram 250SL multi-parameter input module

  • Other modules

  • Tram-Rac 4a Remote Acquisition

The Solar 8000 displays patient information in a logical, easily understood format. It can display data for up to 10 patient parameters with a maximum of 8 waveforms. The Tram 250SL multi-parameter input module has color coded connections for fast and easy hook up for ECG, 2 Invasive Pressures, Temperature/Cardiac Output, and Pulse Oximetry. The Tram 250SL also offers Defibrillator sync output and Display output connector to be used in conjunction with a Marquette Smart-pak transport monitor.

Pateint cables include:

  • ECG Cable and leads

  • New non-invasive blood pressure cuff

  • Pulse Oximetry Probe

Condition is used biomedical tested and warranty is 6 months

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