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EndoBench XTB

Image Quality Tester (Bench-mount model)

By their very nature, endoscopes are prone to failure from many causes – overstressing, repeated sterilization, post-surgical handling or incomplete repair. Historically, testing the quality of endoscopes involved using very expensive instruments and the time of scientists or engineers. Attempts to simplify the equipment have resulted in incomplete measurements or results that don’t correlate with the reports from users.

EndoBenchXTB™ is an endoscope image quality test system for scope manufacturing and repair QC testing, suitable for high production work environments. The instrument consists of a custom designed opto-mechanical system and software to evaluate and report the parameters that are central to a clinical environment. Adapters, couplers and fixtures are included for measuring rigid, flexible and video endoscopes.

EndoBenchXTB™ is configured as a bench-mounted system for users that do not require portability and prefer a heavy-duty opto-mechanical assembly. Base model includes:

EndoBench XTB™ test bench system w/rail assembly and components
Machine vision computer (HP) – Windows 7 OS
EndoBench™ v9.1 software; SQL (Access) database; Excel file support
15 inch touch screen display
System connection modules (2 ea.) and cabling
Full Size Keyboard and mouse
Accessories (contained in case)
Schott LED Light Source w/ power supply, RS-232 Cable & Light Cable (Lightguide, Light Guide Adapter)
Source Adapters – Instrument Adaptor(s) – 4 each
17mm Diopter Scale Endoscope Coupler, 27mm Diopter Scale Endoscope Coupler, 40mm Diopter Scale Endoscope Coupler
Binder (book) of targets
Optional components include:
Fixture for mounting camera at offset or off-axis position for measuring offset or angled rigid scopes
Digital encoders for direction of view (DOV) and field of view (FOV) measurements
Side-load scope tip mount for small diameter or flexible scopes
Diopter at infinity – measurement of eyepiece diopter error for object at infinity
Eyepiece runout – measures image wander when scope is rotated in endoscope video coupler
Small size CCD sensor camera with mount