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EndoBench XT2

By their very nature, endoscopes are prone to failure from many causes – overstressing, repeated sterilization, post-surgical handling or incomplete repair. Historically, testing the quality of endoscopes involved using very expensive instruments and the time of scientists or engineers. Attempts to simplify the equipment have resulted in incomplete measurements or results that don’t correlate with the reports from users.


EndoBenchXT2™ is an endoscope image quality test system for scope manufacturing and repair QC testing, suitable for high production work environments. The instrument consists of a custom designed opto-mechanical system and software to evaluate and report the parameters that are central to a clinical environment. Adapters and fixtures are included for measuring rigid, flexible and video endoscopes.

EndoBenchXT2™ improves the quality of endoscopes by:

  • Measure scopes when new, before and after repair
  • Provides quantitative measurement data for tracking scopes in medical equipment inventory
  • Meets Joint Commission tracking requirement
  • Ensure optimal image quality for rigid and flexible endoscopes
  • Enhanced features for greater ability to verify scope quality:
    • Extended direction of view measurement range
    • Improved data interface
    • 25% higher output external light source with improved control
    • Up-to-date system software and high performance CPU
    • MTF weighted average
    • Ability to rotate the data collection axis
    • Save and load setup information
    • Optional extended measurement range for very bright scopes
    • Endoscope Shaft Diameter: 2-16mm
    • Endoscope Length: 160-470mm
    • Field of View: 50-140 degrees
    • Direction of View: -5-80 degrees
    • Rigid endoscopes (laparoscopes, arthroscopes, etc.)
    • Flexible fiberoptic endoscopes
    • Video endoscopes (with VCR/NTSC output)
    • Field of View (FOV)
    • Direction of View (DOV)
    • Apparent field of View (AFOV)
    • MTF (image sharpness)
    • Distortion
    • Transmission
    • Vignetting
    • Coloration (TVC)
    • Eyepiece diopter error
    • Fiber optic illumination brightness and distribution