Dash 2500 Patient Monitor

Dash 2500 Product Image (2)GE Dash 2500 Patient Monitor

Monitors: ECG, NIBP, SPO2, Oral Temp

Available as monitor only or patient ready with the following accessories:

ECG trunk cable and lead wires, NIBP hose and cuff, SPO2 sensor & interconnect, oral temp probe, new battery & power cord

reconditioned, 6 month warranty

Dash 2500 Product Image (3)

The Dash® 2500 monitor from GE Healthcare allows you to
deliver a new standard of clinical excellence to patients in
sub-acuity settings such as ER, recovery/PACU, outpatient
surgery, GI/endoscopy, progressive care, interventional
radiology and special care units. The
10.4”screen display is easily configurable to suit your viewing
preferences and information requirements. Its compact size and
long battery life make it an excellent portable monitor; you can
transport patients nearly anywhere in the hospital—and
maintain an uninterrupted flow of data. As a member of the Dash
family of monitors, the Dash 2500 monitor leverages the
parameters and algorithms as GE’s clinically advanced, higheracuity
monitors. A consistent foundation of reliable and
accurate clinical intelligence can help you confidently make
better, faster decisions.

The Dash 2500 monitor features:
• GE EK-Pro™ arrhythmia program
• GE DINAMAP® SuperSTAT™ non-invasive blood pressure
• Masimo® SET® or Nellcor® OxiMax® SpO2
• Alaris® Turbo Temp®














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