Patient Monitors

  • Dash 2500 Patient Monitor

    GE Dash 2500 Patient Monitor Monitors: ECG, NIBP, SPO2, Oral Temp Available as monitor only or patient ready with the following accessories: ECG trunk cable and lead wires, NIBP hose and cuff, SPO2 sensor & interconnect, oral temp probe, new battery & power cord reconditioned, 6 month warranty The Dash® 2500 monitor from GE Healthcare […]

  • B850 Patient Montitor

      Adaptability for every acuity. The clinically advanced and highly configurable CARESCAPE* Monitor B850 helps you stay a step ahead with clinical tools that meet even the highest acuity patient needs. Designed with clinicians, for clinicians, it’s an easy-to-use system that fits how you work and handle patient data, offering flexibility, scalability and exceptional customization. Get […]

  • GE Dash 5000 Physiological Monitor

    Benefits of Dash 5000 Advanced clinical parameters including 12SL* for simultaneous ECG monitoring, GE EK-Pro* for multi-lead arrhythmia analysis, ICG, mainstream and sidestream CO2 and GE DINAMAP* NIBP with SuperSTAT* Networking options include wired and wireless Up to 7 waveforms and up to 4 invasive pressures High resolution CRG trends for NICU monitoring. Full-featured bedside monitoring […]

  • GE Carescape B650 Monitor

    B650 Clinical excellence and flexibility in an ergonomic package The efficient and ergonomic CARESCAPE* Monitor B650 offers flexibility at every point of care. Configurability, a user-friendly interface, outstanding parameters and seamless integration all ensure that you can focus on the patient instead of the technology. The CARESCAPE Monitor B650 has the advanced tools to meet […]

  • GE Solar 8000i ICU/CCU

    GE Solar 8000i Monitoring System System is available in a variety of configurations which can be customized to the needs of the facility. Equipment is used, biomedical tested and warrantied for 6 months. The Solar® 8000i bedside monitor provides robust monitoring parameters including core vital signs, advanced cardiac care and ventilation evaluation for the OR, […]

  • GE Solar 8000M ICU/CCU

    Solar 8000m Monitoring Systems and individual components available & IN STOCK Used, biomedical tested, 6 month warranty Name the department and the need,the Solar 8000m sets the standard for exceptional critical care: • Comprehensive software selection includes information management solutions for core vital signs, adv anced cardiac care, ventilation evaluation, as well as OR and […]

  • GE Solar 8000 ICU/CCU

    GE Marquette Solar 8000 Critical Care Monitoring system     GE Solar 8000 monitoring system is available in a variety of configurations as a complete system with patient cables or as individual components. Patient ready accessories are also available Solar 8000 Processing unit FLAT PANEL 15″ DISPLAY Tram 250SL multi-parameter input module Other modules Tram-Rac […]

  • GE Dash 3000 Physiological Monitor

    The Dash 3000 patient monitor is robust and lightweight with an 8.4-inch display. With the family of Dash monitors, you can adapt to each patient’s monitoring needs in virtually every situation and acuity level. Benefits •Lightweight and rugged for portability •Advanced clinical parameters including 12SL* for simultaneous ECG monitoring, GE EK-Pro* for multi-lead arrhythmia analysis, […]

  • GE Dash 4000 Physiological Monitor

    The full featured Dash® 4000 monitor offers a 10.4-inch screen and is a comprehensive portable bedside monitoring solution. From presentation in the Emergency Department to surgery in the OR to recovery in the PACU, treatment in the ICU and transfer to the Stepdown unit, the Dash monitor is an exceptional choice for every point of […]

  • GE Pro 300V2 Vital Signs Monitor

    The GE DINAMAP Pro 300 V2 reads blood pressure and pulse rate like the Pro 100/200 models, and has the added benefit of pulse oximetry. You can choose between the Masimo SET, the gold standard in Sp02 monitoring and Nellcor’s fifth-generation pulse oximetry device, OxiMax. Features: •DINAMAP ASAP Blood pressure unit •Heart Rate reading capability […]

  • GE PROCARE Monitor B40

    PROCARE monitors have versatile clinical capabilities to monitor a wide range of patients. Intuitive features make them easy to operate with minimum training. With high-quality GE design and engineering, these reliable devices help you provide patients with outstanding monitoring technology, while making the most of your budget. PROCARE monitors make it easy to acquire accurate […]

  • Dinamap Pro 400

    Features: Enhanced memory stores up to 100 determinations within a 24 hr period. Flexible mounting options. Trim knob for flexible display. Intra-arterial reference standard for blood pressuring using the oscillometric technology. Water ingress protection. Integrated power supply.  

  • nGenuity 8100

    The nGenuity™ 8100E1 Series patient monitors are the perfect choice for busy departments demanding accurate, reliable performance. The nGenuity 8100E1 series patient monitor displays true end-tidal CO2 with numerical ETCO2 and INCO2 values as well as capnographic waveform. A smart respiration feature automatically defaults to the best available source, either CO2 or ECG TTI. Criticare’s […]

  • MARS Ambulatory ECG System

    The MARS Holter Monitoring system is a PC-based, sophisticated clinical system that’s been scaled from the office to the hospital enterprise. With its software-only version, private practices can be equipped with the same innovative ECG technology and ease of use features as hospital-based MARS systems. Gold-standard Marquette ECG Analysis programs provide powerful risk stratification tools. […]


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