EKG / ECG Monitors

Electrocardiogram or Electrocardiograph

  • GE Mac 5500 Resting ECG System

    Designed for high volume ECG environments, MAC 5500 offers a complete suite of advanced ECG Analysis programs. Combined with MobileLink™ wireless ECG workflow solutions, MAC 5500 helps you capture, analyze and communicate ECG data with greater speed and confidence. Features: Ethernet and wireless networking option saves time, reduces errors and maximizes charge capture Hook-up advisor […]

  • GE MAC 5000 Resting ECG System

    The MAC 5000 Resting ECG System delivers the advanced capabilities that only the industry’s most extensive collection of proven algorithms can offer. And it’s part of our complete suite of networked, non-invasive testing solutions designed to maximize throughput and staff productivity. The MAC 5000 provides the sophistication required for advanced ECG applications, while its ease […]

  • GE Mac 1600 Resting ECG System

    The MAC 1600 Resting ECG System is particularly suited for physicians in offices, clinics and community hospitals. The MAC 1600 system can be easily configured to meet the needs of nearly every practice. With quick assessment of the ECG signal quality, the availability of the GE Marquette* 12SL* ECG Analysis Program, and an easy connection […]

  • GE MAC 1200 Resting ECG System

    The MAC 1200 Resting ECG System is a portable 12-lead electrocardiograph designed for acquisition – with or without analysis. The system can be configured as a basic electrocardiograph without analysis for facilities with minimal ECG requirements. The system can also be configured to incorporate the proven 12SL ECG analysis program. Adding the 12SL program creates […]

  • Nikomed NikoClip

    Widest contact area for superior trace quality Flat, wide-bodied design helps prevent twisting Durable construction—built to last Lead indicators included Universal 3mm-4mm Also works with snap electrodes

  • Nikotab System EKG Electrodes

    The complete Nikotab System provides superior contacts – electrode to skin, clip electrode and lead-wire to clip, saving you time and money. Only the Nikotab System creates a stable base which allows the highest percentage of first-time recordings – outperforming any resting tab electrode at a competitive price. Guaranteed! Available Sizes No. 0315 – 21 […]

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