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Philips FRx Defibrillator Accessories & Supplies





Product Number

Replacement Parts



SMART Pads II – for use with all patient types: adults, children and infantsFRx Smart Pads II989803139261
Infant/child keyHeartStart FRx InfantChild key989803139311
HS1/FRx BatteryOnSite and FRx BatteryM5070A
Fast Response Kit; zippered pouch with: 2 pairs of nitrile goves, pocket breathing mask, maramedic scissors, chest hair razor and paper towelFast Response Kit 68-PCH68-PCHAT

Cases and Wall Mounts

Defibrillator Cabinet, Wall Mount, Surface, Basic16.5″ w x 15″ h X 6″ d Wall Cabinet Basic Surface989803136531
Defibrillator Cabinet, Wall Mount, Semi-recessedPFE7023D-2 Philips Cabinet Semi RecessedPFE7023D
Defibrillator Cabinet, Wall Mount, Surface16″w x 22.5″ h x 6″ dPFE7024D-2 Philips Defib Cabinet Wall SurfacePFE7024D
AED Wall Mount Bracket for standard FRx Cary Case (989803139251)Philips AED Wall Mount 9898317989803170891
Secure Pull Seal, 10-packM3859A-2 Secure Pull Seal 10 packM3859A
Carry Case, Semi-ridgid, Standard for FRxCarry Case 989803139251989803139251
Hard-shell Carry CasePhilips Hard Cary CaseYC


FRx Trainer Kit includes: HeartStart FRx Defibrillator Trainer, Training Pads II, Carry Case, Instructions, esternal manikin adapter Philips FRX Trainer861306
Training Pads IIPhilips Training II Pads 989803139989803139271

Wall Signs, Awareness Placards and Posters

AED Wall Sign, redAED Wall Sign 989803989803170921
AED Awareness Placard, redPhilips AED Awareness Placard989803170901


Pads Adapter: Medtronic™ Physio Control Quik-Combo LifePak 9, 10c, 11, 12, 20 & 500Medtronic™ Pads Adapter 05-1000005-10000
Pads Adapter: Zoll™ 1200, 1400, 1600 & M-SeriesZoll™ Pads Adapter 05-1010005-10100
Pads Adapter:  Philips M3507A or M1750A/B for connection to Hewlett-Packard CodeMaster 100, XE, XL & XLT; HeartStart MRx and Laerdal HeartStart 4000Pads Adapter permanent and removable05-10200