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Vantage ABI Title & Description

The Vantage ABI conducts fast, accurate ABI screenings in minutes to assist with the early detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.).  The Vantage ABI completes a single-level exam using Digital Fourier Oscillometry (DFO).  Summit Doppler worked with researchers from the Cleveland Clinic to create a unique clinically validated DFO Algorithm*.

System features include:

  • Speedy throughput with large display and intuitive touch screen navigation

  • Convenient USB drive for data storage, transfer and EMR interface

  • Blood pressure cuffs for obtaining pressures and ankle waveforms

VANABI – Vantage ABI Package 1: One-touch, three-minute ABI exams with USB data storage and cuffs included.

VANMAX – Vantage ABI Package 2: One-touch, three minute ABI exams with USB data storage and 4 cuffs, plus built-in printer, basket and durable stand.


Wallach Vantage ABI System

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