MedWrench Q&A with Boyd Campbell from Southeastern Biomedical Associates – July 2015

In today’s edition of the MedWrench blog, I want to share a brief Q&A I had with Boyd Campbell, CBET at Southeastern Biomedical Associates, Inc. concerning new services provided by Southeastern. As always, it was a pleasure chatting with Boyd and the Southeastern team. They are always willing to help share their knowledge with our MedWrench users and we cannot thank them enough. Southeastern Biomedical provides key services that help medical facilities of all types deliver efficient, cost-effective, quality medical technology management. They offer equipment sales, patient-ready accessory sales, equipment parts, skilled depot repair services and much more. See below for the Q&A.


Boyd Campbell at Southeastern Biomedical Associates, Inc.

Did Southeastern Biomedical just start offering On-Site Test Equipment Calibration?

This is the latest addition to the many services that we currently offer.  Even though this is new to Southeastern Biomedical we have brought on board the experience needed to perform all the functions necessary and correctly.  Our lead calibration technician has over 20 years’ experience in the test and measurement calibration field in both the private sector as well as the military.


Is this service only available for test equipment? Or will you calibrate measurement and diagnostic equipment as well?

We have been doing medical equipment calibrations and repairs since 1996.  We will continue to offer this existing service as we always have.  Our new test equipment calibration service will enhance our offerings to the biomedical departments in addition to our repair and parts service.


What all does this entail? 

The test equipment calibration service will be an all-encompassing service that we can provide onsite to biomedical departments and service organizations as well as offer them depot calibrations.  We will be doing calibrations on a wide variety of test equipment and manufacturers and providing the needed documentation for all their accreditation needs.


Do your calibrations follow and specific standards? (N.I.S.T.)

Yes.  All calibrations are performed to NIST standards.  Just like the equipment we calibrate our testing devices also have to be traceable to show that we too comply with all NIST standards.


Will this new service save hospitals money? 

Absolutely.  This will be accomplished by our extremely competitive pricing structure as well as facilities not having to send their devices back to the manufacturer for expensive calibrations.  In addition we also bring along loaner equipment that the hospital can use during the calibrations in order to keep them as productive as possible.